Logo design & clothing

Ready to step in the world of OG-Logo & Og-Bankwear?

Custom made logo's and home of the radical carpy and urban streetwear brand "Og-Bankwear"

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First of all, thank you for visiting my website !

I would like to guide you through my world of designing logo's, tattoos, clothingprints and prints for a brand new, urban, carpy streetwear clothing brand called : OG Bankwear


As a logo designer, my goal is to create something unique.

All the designs i've made are fully customised to the clients wishes and one of kind.

What makes OG-Logo so unique?

There is a constant stream of info between me and the client, all sketches are drawn by hand ,the oldskool way.

So all designs are truly one of a kind and unique!





 Follow your own path..