Logo design & clothing

So.....who am i..?

My name is Frank van Dooren, former Graffitti artist and nowadays graphic designer and owner os Og-Bankwear.

Besides designing custom made logo's, i'm also owner and designer of a new upcoming streetwearbrand, which found his origin in all the years i've been fishing for carp...

I noticed that all the excisting brands were doing the same, nothing new and a bit boring..

So i sketched, designing the old fashion way, paper & pencil style..Think different,Be different!

The time was right to shake up the anglersworld, and so OG-Bankwear rised up!

We have an exclusive range of comfotable clothing , all designed by me and tested by our promoteam, and every 4 months we will bring out one special print for Tees and Hoodys, that way we keep it exclusive and special to wear.


Besides designing prints for clothing, customers started to ask me if i could design logo's for new shops and all kind of excisting brands.

The reviews were that promising and positive that i decided to make a living out of my passion, which is a combination of designing, fishing and enjoying old and new friendships..


So if you want something different, handmade and personally customised, don't hesitate to contact me... together we will make your logo count!!


Hope to hear from you soon,


Frank van Dooren 








Check out the awesome radical  cap collection by OG Bankwear !!

Grab yours at : m2baitandtackle.com 

It's also possible to send us a message through the contactform or by PM on Facebook! 



OG-Bankwear.... we're gonna shake things up !!